Tuesday, March 31, 2015

double standards

Yesterday Millie wore this adorable little Vera Bradley onesie. It was a gift given to us/her before she was even born- it is springy and adorable and I love it. 

It is size 0-3 months. Except OBVIOUSLY NOT because there is nothing 0-3 about this chunk of babe.

I chuckled all day about my 20+ pounder wearing a 0-3 onesie. Who invents the sizes of these things?

Today she's wearing a little bubble pants suit thing from Gymboree. ALSO ADORABLE.

Only this one is size 18-24 months. 


So in two days she has spanned two years in sizes. It's hilarious and also totally doesn't matter. They both fit, so whatever.

If you ask what size she is, though, I'll tell you 9 months. Most of her clothes are 9 months, with a few extreme outliers thrown in for variety, I guess.

But then I was thinking about how sometimes women's clothes are not so consistent, either. I have a closet full of a particular size, and then like one thing a number or three smaller, and two things a number or three larger. Kind of like Millie- a closet full of 9 months, a lone 0-3, and a lone 18-24. I'll tell you Millie is clearly a size 9 months.

But if you ask me what size I am?? Oh, 0-3. Without a doubt. All the other clothes are just lying. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

the millie+lola love fest

I wasn't sure sure how Lola would adjust to having a baby human in the house. She's never been a huge fan of kids- adults, yes. Other dogs, yes. Kids...not so much. So I've always been a little nervous about the Lola + Baby scenario. (Those of you with stellar memories may recall the intense (hahaha) baby-training bootcamp we put Lola through as we prepared for our first adoption...)

Anyway. After a few months of mutual indifference followed by months of on-again-off-again unrequited interest (that went both ways...sometimes Millie was interested in Lola and Lola couldn't care less, sometimes vice versa), they've finally hit a period where they are both rather smitten with each other. It's like a straight up middle school romance in our house, yo.

Millie: Oh Lola, let me touch your face!! Hee hee hee!! Lola: NOM NOM NOM BABY HANDS
We only let them play together under strict supervision, lest things get out of hand.

So actually, there's a lot in common with middle school romances here...

Don't play hard to get, Lola- you know you want me to play with you!!! You tease!!
If only you could hear the adorable giggles and squeals Mills makes while all this is going on. They really should invent a way to take pictures so that you can hear sounds...

You came back!!! You do love me!!!
 We're trying to teach Millie the concept of gentle petting and not pulling ears...so far it's a total failure, but we'll keep trying. We're also working on teaching Lola the concept of not wagging her tail so hard that she knocks Millie over. That's also not really taking yet...but we'll keep trying.

Let's be best friends forever, okay? Seal it with a kiss!
I mean, look at that happy face. Doesn't it make your Grinchy heart grow three sizes? And for now, the love is mutual, and it's really fun to watch. I'm hoping that unlike most middle school relationships, this one will stand the test of time. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

yay, friends! and predictably, flowers.

We had an awesome weekend with friends. And not just any old friends- super exotic international friends!!! Dave and Natasha (and Sam and Rachel) came all the way from CANADA just to see us!! Okay, maybe not- maybe they are actually doing a two-week Southern U.S. road trip and we were merely one stop of many...but the fact remains that they came from Canada and stayed with us for two whole days!

Even though this is the first time we've ever met in 'real life,' it certainly didn't feel that way. I guess we're both pretty much the same way in real life that we are on our blogs and emails, so there weren't any surprises (like surprise, I'm actually a  60-year-old man!!! or surprise, I'm a serial killer!!...you know, like everyone warned you would happen if you met someone "from the internet"...) I had a great time introducing her (and her family!) to Athens, which mainly involved a lot of eating.

Sunday was rainy but not terribly cold, so we braved the elements and took a lovely stroll through the Botanical Gardens. If this discourages you from wanting to visit me now...it's understandable. But looking at flowers is seriously my favorite thing to do, especially with fellow flower-lovers, so bad weather be damned...we were going to the garden!!

Millie even seemed to enjoy it! Between the Ergo, Matt's rain jacket, and the umbrella...I don't think she even realized it was less-than-optimal weather conditions.

We had a lot of fun...who wants to come visit next? Maybe you'll get lucky and I won't drag you through a garden in the rain, but no promises.

Speaking of friends...

Last week, Millie's teachers reported that she and another little girl in her class have been spotted holding hands and babbling together lately!! This totally warmed my heart and made my day (just ask my coworkers, I couldn't stop talking about it)- so far Millie only really shows interest in me, Matt, and animals...I've been so excited for her to start making friends with other babies! I begged Millie's teachers to please text me pictures if she did anything adorable like hold hands with other babies, and I was only sliiiiightly excited to receive a long string of picture texts later that morning showing just that!! (Again, my deepest apologies to my coworkers who probably got really tired of hearing me squeal over these pictures...all day long...)

 Sorry for the obnoxious cropping of Millie's friend, but I don't know S's parents' policy on plastering their baby all over the internet, so I'll err on the side of not. Hopefully cute hand-holding is fair game, though.

We're both super cute! We should be friends!

Oh wait, excuse me? Did you just take my rattle? I'm not so sure about this friendship thing.
I really like Millie's girl, please face in that last picture. Hopefully she also shares smiles (and toys! and germs!) with her friends, too.

Do you remember last year when I talked about the tulips that popped up in my gardens and surprised me (because I'd forgotten I planted them)? (Yes, flowers again...sorry.) Well, they've done it again. Obviously I am the dumbest person alive when it comes to bulbs (or at least tulips)...I 100% thought that they were a one-and-done thing...that they wouldn't come back this year (unless I planted new ones, of course). But guess what!? I was wrong!!

Hey, where did these come from??
 Last year those tulips gave me such hope when they came up. They symbolized beauty rising from the ashes of the previous fall. And now here they are again. There were no ashes this fall. Just happiness. And now a little extra beauty piled on top of the happiness.

My little hope fulfilled sitting beside last year's symbols of hope. I don't even know what to make of it, but I sure am thankful.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

little lucky charm

Today won't be quite a wordless Wednesday...but almost.

I don't know that luck had much to do with making me this girl's mama, but I do feel pretty lucky that yesterday's St. Patrick's Day weather matched right up with the green outfit I'd bought at a consignment sale a few weeks ago!

If she were any cuter, I'd...well, I don't know. I can't imagine how she could be any cuter. I told her that normally people only get pinched on St. Patrick's Day if they don't wear green...but Millie will never, ever be safe from having those cheeks pinched. Not on March 17ths, not ever.